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I've never really felt comfortable with being thought of as a 'musician'. Instead, I am an artist who paints with sound. Every composition I create is a story in and of itself, a sonic interpretation of an observation or experience in my life.

For example, the song  “Lands End".  This particular piece is a musical painting that depicts a very hostile and violent side of nature.  It’s a painting of ocean waves and their ebb and flow as they lightly wash in with their swish swish swish ..,  and then BANG BANG BANG.., CRASH CRASH CRASH.

Then there are songs like “Monday’s Rain.” This song came to me whilst driving in a rain storm on a Monday morning in Seattle WA. I was watching the rain drops as they fell and collided with each other. They looked like they were having so much fun.

There are also songs that share an emotional link with an image or  memory. “Between the Trees.” is a perfect example. This song is about the pain of heartbreak and rejection.


“Through the Hoop” tends to be a favorite amongst listeners who have a taste for upbeat dance music. Believe it or not.., this song is all about passion. I don’t engage in anything that doesn’t provoke a sense of passion in me.


"Commencement of Love" was inspired by memories of Love and adoration.


"October Sky" was the result of boredom. I finally got tired of waiting for inspiration and pushed myself to make this song even though it felt totally mechanical and almost robotic. But I completed it.


The song "Night Fall" is the most whimsical. This particular piece took shape during a psychedelic mushroom trip. It's a picture of a May Pole dance with elves, fairies, and gnomes.


The compositions "A Dreamer's Journey" and "River's Edge" are the only songs that were arranged and recorded without the piano. For whatever reason the instrument chose to take a break. Piano has a mind and heart of its own.

©2024 AJ Eakin

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