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I offer a wide array of services including individual & group consultations; ongoing counseling, conflict intervention; seminars for corporate & group events. I also facilitate classes & workshops on a variety of subjects relative to metaphysics & personal/spiritual development. For more information on a particular service please select from one of the links below.

Transpersonal / Metaphysical Counseling

Do you need guidance? Want to experience more joy and fulfillment in life but don’t know where or how to begin? Or perhaps you have questions about a specific issue such as a relationship or work situation. Whatever your concerns may be, I can help you find the answers you seek.

Conflict Resolution

The number one culprit behind most conflicts in any relationship is poor communication. As a Remedial Communication Strategist, I can help you establish & maintain a common ground for effective dialogue & mutual expression. Ideal for families, couples, roommates, neighbors, social relationships, workplace, & bandmates.



I have an extensive repertoire of workshops, seminars, & classes designed for small groups as well as large corporate functions.

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