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Thank you, AJ from the bottom of my heart for your support & guidance during a most turbulent time in my life! Once I got over the anger I felt from hearing the truth I decided to take your advice. Although I was reluctant at first everything proved as you said it would in the end. Thank you again!

Margaret S. - Mesa, AZ


Dr. AJ teaches with an intensity that teaches us all about Love, Life, Happiness, & Wisdom.

Jim - New York, NY


I was searching for information pertaining to metaphysics and spirituality when I discovered Dr. AJ's website. I was immediately captured by his energy. After studying his website for a whilst I decided to schedule a reading with him. During my reading, he told me that I am happiest when I'm helping others by doing what I love to do most. He said that I had a gift for being efficient and organized and he was absolutely correct because I used to be an effective manager and professional organizer. In a state of sarcasm, Dr. AJ said: "where can I find one of those?" I then replied "you just did!" and I have been fortunate enough to work with Dr. AJ ever since.

Rebecca (Becky) Lang - Amsterdam: Personal Assistant to Dr. AJ Eakin


Dr. AJ is very sincere with his psychic guidance.  He has given me such great insight.  He is very thorough and honest and his advice is really clear and on point.  I like the way his analogies and his wit fit together perfectly it really makes you feel at ease.  I am POSITIVE I would use Dr. AJ again it was a delight and pleasure and the information totally useful.  Thanks again!

Tandia - SF Bay Area, CA


Thank you, AJ for bringing peace to my heart now that I know that my loving grandfather is peaceful on the other side.

Jeff S. - Honolulu, HI.


I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time Dr. AJ Eakin in a recent phone session.  Within a few minutes, he had found and opened my “soft spot”, where I am most vulnerable and in most need of guidance.  With kindness and gentle words, he led me to see how I may let go of old ways which block and restrict to make way for new energy and enjoyment.  He is not the first person of which I have sought help, but he was the most effective and straightforward.  His easy, clear manner had me receptive to and ready for the changes he suggested.  I am very grateful.

Lynne McClure - South San Francisco, CA


After a messy divorce coupled with the loss of my father I soon found myself overwhelmed by feelings of loss & loneliness. I was introduced to Dr. AJ through a friend. After my first session with him, I was so moved by his love & genuine enthusiasm that I decided to continue meeting with him regularly for counseling. With Dr. AJ’s support & guidance I managed to overcome my fears of commitment & close relationships. I am now in a wonderful new relationship with a man who truly loves me! Thank you, Dr. AJ for showing me that I am a true master creator in my own life!

Melissa M. - Cornelius, NC


I had my first reading with Dr. AJ and was so impressed with his empathic abilities! We discussed and explored my questions about family, work, spirit guides, and angels. AJ's kindness and joyful sense of humor made our session one of pure enjoyment!

Stacy Mathis - Redding, CA


AJ says with humor and calmness big and important ideas to support and inspire you. You feel your truth come more clearly into focus and felt more deeply.

Jen Tait - SF Bay Area, CA


Thank you, Dr. AJ for the awesome reading and healing.

Howard Willis - Jupiter, FL


"I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to have a reading from AJ. He made me feel so comfortable over the phone, it was like two old friends chatting about life. AJ was able to feel my physical and emotional state and express to me in words what I could do to help myself. He gave me specific names and information about the thing that were going on in my life and answered some of my questions even before I could ask them. AJ helped me to confirm my decisions in some of the toughest choices I needed to make at the time. I will definitely turn to AJ again for guidance and support in the future." -

Tamar Sloustcher - Tel Aviv, Israel


Dr. AJ is an amazing teacher. You owe it to yourself to hear and experience this man!

Ray Napoltano - York, NY.


AJ  is a deep and insightful witness to this HUMAN DRAMA. A  conscious participant sharing his truth and wisdom through his gift. He delivers a reading that is illuminating, shedding light in the shadows of NOW, answering my conscious and yet unconscious questions as they were forming in my awareness. AJ is a blessing and a gift, a gift you'll want to give yourself and others. Oh yes, the best part is he is very user-friendly, very fun and very direct. Totally committed to assisting the awakening self, advocating personal responsibility and connectedness through community, spirit and the sharing of sacred gifts, AJ is AWESOME. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share.

Sandy Scott - Shasta, CA


Thank you, AJ for helping us reunite with our beloved family kitty cat Powter. You assured us that she was still alive and told us not to give up hope and to be open to surprises. 2 days later we heard a bunch of little meows coming from a tiny crawl space behind the water heater in the garage and when we looked with a flashlight there was Powter who had just given birth to 3 little kittens. They’ve all been placed in loving homes and Powter is back to being her frisky self again. Thank you.

The Porter family - Sunnyvale CA.


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