Masters in Metaphysical Science (M.Msc.)

Thesis subject category: "Popular Psychology."

Topic & title: "Talk Shows & the Self Help Movement."


15k word comparative analysis of talk shows & the significant role they've played in the development of the self help movement. As part of my findings chapter I introduced original theories & ideas supporting the use of talk shows as actual therapeutic tools.


Doctorate in Metaphysical Science (Msc.D.)

Dissertation subject: ”Metaphysical Psychology.”

Topic & title: ”Human Perception of the Mind & Brain.”


30k word original contribution to the fields of metaphysical psychology & behavioral science discussing the symbiotic relationship between the human brain & the mind. 


Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Counseling (Ph.D.)

Dissertation subject: ”Thanatology” (counseling the dying & bereaved).

Topic & title: ”Terminal Psychosis & the Psychology of the Dying Mind."


50k word presentation suggesting that all fear is innately rooted in the fear of death on a primordial level.


Doctor of Philosophy in Transpersonal Counseling (Ph.D.)

Dissertation subject: ”Human Potential”

Topic & title: ”Inner Greatness; Power of God Within.”


40k word discussion on the hypothetical existence of a Supreme Creator based on the evidence provided in the noticeable organic relationship between all things in the natural physical world & the Cosmos.