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AJ's Corner

My journey into the world of metaphysics, spirituality, and mysticism began with a Near Death Experience I had when I was eight years old. I drowned in the waters of Huntington Beach California. My heart stopped beating and I stopped breathing for over seven minutes. It only takes 3 minutes before the brain dies.


During those lifeless minutes, I encountered something that can only be described as ineffable. I walked in the realm of spirit and returned with some really unique gifts. These gifts include special abilities such as prognostication (the ability to foresee certain events before they happen), claircognizance, advanced intuition, and heightened extrasensory awareness, and the ability to exit my body at will (Out of Body Experience).  But of all the gifts I inherited none will ever prove to be more amazing than my ability to play the piano. 


Although I was blessed with my newfound talents and abilities, they didn't make life any easier. This was especially so for the remainder of my childhood.  I suffered brain damage due to oxygen deprivation which resulted in severe learning disabilities. All throughout elementary school, I was categorized within the diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome (high functioning autism).

My psychic abilities are unique in that they have no spiritual component. I am not a spiritual person nor do I make any claims that are spiritual in nature. However, this is not to imply that I don't believe in Spirit because the truth of the matter is that I do.

This is Earth school. We are not here on this planet so that we can learn to be spiritual. We are here on this planet so that we can participate and share in the human experience.

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