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What kind of Doctor is AJ?

AJ is a "Metaphysical Doctor." A Metaphysical Doctor is one who has earned a graduate seminary degree from a reputable post secondary school of higher education. As a Metaphysical Doctor, Dr. AJ is the metaphysical equivalent to that of a Medical Doctor. The primary difference being that Dr. AJ uses metaphysical and spiritual tools to treat mental, emotional, and physical ailments and conditions whereas Medical Doctors work with treating the body.

Is Dr. AJ a state licensed psychotherapist/psychologist?

No. Dr. AJ is NOT a state licensed psychotherapist/psychologist/psychiatrist. Instead, Dr. AJ is an ordained metaphysical minister. The difference being that his credentials and licenses are both granted and regulated by the ordaining institution under federal law. This is what gives him the legal right to provide counseling, healing, and therapy as forms of treatment for physical, mental, and emotional ailments and conditions.

What is a "Psion" & how does it differ from "Emapth"?

First thing to keep in mind is that both words  Psion and Empath are rooted in science fiction. The difference between the two:  all Psions are Empaths but not all Empaths are Psions.  Empathic abilities are limited to the realm of feelings whereas Psionic abilities relate to thoughts. Being that our feelings are triggered by our thoughts Psions are able to sense on both levels.  Another way for describing it is Psions are non-spiritual Psychics.

What is a "multisensory psychic?"

A "multisensory" psychic is someone who receives extra sensory information  through multiple psychic receptors., e.g.: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, & claircognizance etc.

Can Dr. AJ prescribe medication?

No. Dr. AJ is neither trained nor qualified to prescribe medications or suggest the use of over the counter medications of any kind to any degree. The law strictly forbids ministerial and other religious practitioners from interfering with any treatments and orders prescribed by a licensed medical/naturopathic physician or other state-licensed medical care provider.

However, Dr. AJ can prescribe "spiritual mind treatments" that a patient/client can use to help facilitate healing and wellness. He is also trained and qualified to recommend complimentary (as opposed to alternative) treatments in the form of herbal and homeopthic substances.

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