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About Dr. AJ

 Dear Client:
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.
I am Dr. AJ Eakin, the "Metaphysical Doctor." I am a licensed Metaphysician / Metapsychologist Intuitive Life Strategist, Conciliator, Prognosticator, Mystical Philosopher/Teacher, & Psychic Entertainer.

My purpose in life is twofold: to awaken people to the Greatness that exists within them so that they may serve as a reflection of the Greatness that exists in others.
What do I believe?  I believe that joy & happiness are our birthrights. I believe that each & every one of us was put on this planet for a reason & that we all have something unique to offer the world.

I believe in living life deliberately with intention & purpose. I believe that we are each ultimately responsible for the quality of our own lives. I believe that our greatest power in this lifetime is our ability to choose.

As a Psychic I believe that everyone is born with extrasensory (psychic) abilities. These abilities are innately present in everyone yet latent to variant degrees. With that in mind, I believe that anyone can learn to develop their psychic abilities.

What do I do? I support others in creating the life that they truly want for themselves. I do this by providing a unique type of service that combines natural skills & abilities with specialized training & over 35 years of combined practical & professional experience.

"If it is true that we are each spirits who have chosen to participate in this human experience, then it is also true that the most spiritual thing we can do is simply be human."

Dr. AJ

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